Team Member Testimonials

  • Blaise Roberts

    Project Support

    I had just graduated college in May of 2022. After graduating, I began looking for a career that would allow me to continue to grow and challenge myself. After searching around for a while I found One Way Wireless Construction (One Way).  One Way’s goals and values align with mine and they continue to help me improve my skills. They are always providing opportunities for growth and the training was thorough and has prepared me for success. My coworkers have been kind, accepting and willing to help guide me when needed. My management has been supportive, encouraging and continues to provide me with quality leadership and opportunities for growth. I feel like I have grown a lot as an individual since joining the team here. It’s been a great introduction to the workforce, where I look forward to growing my skills, and I look forward to many more years of learning opportunities, brotherhood, and growth here at One Way Wireless.If your interested in joining our team, please reach out to or call 952-460-9170.

  • Testimonial_Cody-Mason_2022

    Cody Mason

    Construction Manager:
    Tower Inspections

    I came to One Way after some research on the industry and realized I could make over 100k a year with no college degree, this intrigued me.  I had full intensions to make some quick cash, pay a few things off, then to leave. I quickly realized that One Way Wireless Construction is different than any other company I’ve worked for. They truly care about you and your family, you are not just a number. Even the owner of the company knows a lot about your life and your personal and company goals. One Way is always trying to take care of us and treats us like family inside and outside of work. I enjoy the different states I get to see travel to, along with the new sites I get to visit for work. I also enjoy doing what most people wouldn’t even consider, and finding issues that could be dangerous and shining a light on those issues to make the towers safer for all my brother and sister tower techs out there.  I quickly grew in my position from knowing anything about towers, to climbing the ladder up to where I currently am in a short period of time - to running a portion of a division. I am very thankful for One Way and all that they do. If your interested in joining our team, please reach out to or call 952-460-9170.

  • ORIG_Tanner-Dale

    Tanner Dale

    Tower Technician

    I went to carpentry school in 2008 and due to the housing market crash was unable to find a job. I was put in touch with Greg Held through a family connection and started on the the civil crew - then was moved over to towers and have been working on the high Steel ever since I’ve met several great friends and mentors here . I’m grateful to One Way for giving me all these different opportunities and am excited to see what comes next.If your interested in joining our team, please reach out to or call 952-460-9170.

  • Kyle-Nitz

    Kyle Nitz

    Tower Technician

    I came to One Way looking for a job and new opportunity. It Was a great decision, and I could not imagine being anywhere else. It's amazing to work for a company that takes pride in you and always has your back.If your interested in joining our team, please reach out to or call 952-460-9170.

  • Tanner-Terry-Rourke

    Tanner Terry-Rourke

    Tower Technician

    I came to One Way with no idea what I was getting myself into. Then BAM - I found a challenge that I’m good at and enjoy..…With an employer that wants to help me succeed In life not just work.

  • Jacob-Liebhard

    Jacob Liebhard

    Tower Technician

    Two years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to start a career that has drastically changed my life for the better.While learning new skills, I’ve been able to support my family and progress my sobriety to limits I never thought I would or could achieve.Through One Way Wireless Construction and staying sober, my life has done a complete 180 and I’m excited to see where this career path will take me. It’s never too late to change your life and make a difference!  (And yes, the pictures are of me!)

  • Nathan-Land

    Nathan Land

    Training & Safety Manager

    I originally went to school to become a lineman. I received a two-year technical degree from a line school and then went on the road for three years to build transmission power lines. My plan was to save money and return home to attend school for music. After I had earned the money, I moved to St. Paul and received a technical degree in audio engineering from Hennepin Tech. Towards the end of my time at Hennepin Tech and with my love for climbing, I began looking for a tower climbing position that would allow to stay somewhat local and have weekends off. I needed a job that left me time for my musical pursuits. You can imagine my surprise when I found a company that fit that criteria.  I started at One Way Wireless Construction (One Way) in the summer of 2020, and I’m having a blast!  One Way takes extremely good care of its employees.  The work is fun and my coworkers are great!  I love my job!

  • Chad Segner

    Chad Segner

    Project Manager:
    Tower Modification & Welding

    Working here is more than performing work to make ends meet. What separates OWWC from other tower companies is the family feel, similar minded goals not just towards work, but life in general. No one individual has all of the answers, but as a group we can overcome any and all obstacles that our industry can present. OWWC is truly a platform to succeed for those new to the industry… We have a multitude of programs and knowledgeable staff members ready and eager to teach those that want a career and want to show the world what they are made of. If you’re interested in joining our team, please reach out to or call 952-460-9170.

  • Darren

    Darren Aune

    Vice President:

    You can feel it in your bones. There is something special about this place. You want to be part of it. You want to tell your family and friends about it.You will find someone like you at OWWC. Whether you are inexperienced and looking for your first job, have tried a few things but haven’t found the right job yet, or you are looking for an opportunity to restart after making some bad choices. We have been there, done that and employ individuals from all walks of life.This is only part of what makes OWWC special. What else? The founder singing as he comes into the office, intense planning to provide the training and equipment to keep everyone safe, laughter, hollering and whistling in the hallway, clients telling us they can count on us to get the job done right, a prayer to keep our employees safe at the end of every monthly safety meeting and so much more one would more than likely not find any other place. There’s more. When you’re here, you’ll feel it too.

  • Mike George

    Director of Training & Development

    When I started at One Way Wireless Construction (One Way) in their Civil Department, I was only viewing the job as temporary, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be my kind of job.  At first, there were bumps along the way, but overall there were quite a few things that I was pleasantly surprised by.  The guys I worked with were good guys; I was awarded more and more responsibilities as I proved myself and I also liked the sense of trust I received, shown by the way I was able to drive the company trucks and equipment.As I moved up the ranks in responsibility, now as a Tower Technician, I continuously pushed myself harder to prove to myself and others.  With this motivation I was soon climbing up the ranks within One Way’s Tower Technicians (Tower Tech) levels. I enjoyed the tower climbing that came with this job and staying fit because of it was a nice by-product.   It was during this short time with One Way where I received my very first review and raise.  I had never worked for a company that cared enough about my growth as a team member to keep tabs of my competency and reward me for it. It felt good. As I continued to move up the ranks within the Tower Tech skillset, it was here that I learned that I was in control of my own destiny.  Because I worked hard, was a respectful mentor to the newer Tower Techs, I was encouraged by our Director of Training to prove myself so that I could become a “Lead” within a crew.  With this new position under my belt, my wage increased which also meant my self-confidence and responsibilities increased as well. It was during this time that I had the self-realization of what KIND of co-worker I wanted to be – one that encourages and mentors those around me to be the best version of themselves, ultimately making the whole company at One Way look and work better.I soon graduated from a Lead to a Foreman and it was during this time that I saw great growth in myself.  At this point in my career, (not just a “job” anymore), I was able to become the type of Foreman and leader I wanted to be.  I had full responsibility for myself AND my crew – this was huge.  I not only had many different types of experiences and responsibilities; I was getting paid more and had complete accountability for myself and my crew.  At this point in my career with One Way, I was starting to feel like I could be successful in this industry.  My confidence was growing with every new responsibility that was given to me. I was experiencing a high-level of pride in my work, in my crew and the company as a whole.  I also now have a complete understanding of delegation and the willingness to pass on what I know to benefit the company.  I enjoy the personnel elements of my job as well, where I can help others through conversation and problem solving to help them through work-related and personal issues.  I’ve been through a lot since I have been here at One Way which I think in turn makes me a well-rounded, better team player.I definitely feel like this is just the START of my journey with One Way and I’m very excited about that!

  • Gene Leroux

    Shop Manager

    My first love is farming.  The long hours and hard work have always given me great satisfaction.My second love is being a carpenter.  There’s something about building things, tearing things apart and rebuilding it again.  Additionally, building from scratch also brings great accomplishment and satisfaction when you see it functioning as it should (or even better than before) when you are done building. As I reflect on these two loves of my life, I realize that BOTH relate closely to the wireless construction I am fortunate to be a part of.Working for One Way Wireless Construction, since 1996 has given me the rewarding career that I had hoped for to do the things I love doing.  Anyone with a good work ethic and a “see what needs to be done and simply does it” mindset will be successful at One Way.”

  • Todd paeseka

    Todd Paseka

    Director of Operations

    Prior to One Way I was ten years into an established, successful career.   I was tired of my work environment; I was tired of my greedy boss.  I evaluated my situation and what my options were in the industry I was in.  I was paid a decent wage, had decent benefits, I was comfortable.  My issue was my opportunity was limited for additional growth.  I was experiencing a trifecta that was a negative path for my career life. I was needing change.   After I was introduced to One Way Wireless Construction (One Way), I was intrigued with the possible change.  It was a very stressful, intimidating time in my life.  I had a young child, a new wife, a home and an established career.    With all this in mind, transitioning to One Way took me four months of weighing the options before I decided to make the change.  This was a huge life decision for me.  I was going to be taking a very substantial pay-cut.  I understood why One Way started everyone at the same starting pay level.  Almost everyone that comes through the door to One Way is a blank canvas.  Their knowledge of the job and what it entails is very limited.  There is an entirely new vocabulary of tools, structures, and materials that most people have never heard or seen.   One Way, however, is a company that is willing to give people a chance.  They give them the knowledge, equipment, and education they need to be successful.  From that point, it is up to you with how safely and quickly you can retain, perform and prove yourself.With the pay-cut I experienced by starting at One Way, I figured I could make close to the same income I was used to, simply by working more hours.  This was a great perk. I was told that overtime was plentiful, and it was - that is, of course, within safe guidelines.  There were days early on that I had no idea where I was going, what I was doing, or how to use the equipment I was being told to use.  (Back then, with the industry changing by the day, there were limited people who were experienced in the field.)  I was willing to accept the challenge and figure it out.  I had it in me that I did not want to fail. I wanted to learn and learn quickly.  That was my plan, this would be my career. I was recognized quickly at One Way. I quickly became someone that was recognized as being dependable.  Even if I did not know something, I was willing to figure it out.  I was very grateful that I was working for a company that let me do this.  One Way, to this day, does not hold anyone back.  Whatever your potential is, wherever your skill set, there is a use and an opportunity for you to use it at One Way and in the wireless industry.  Early in my employment at One Way, every once in a-while a two-man crew would go and repair faulty equipment on sites.  There was something about this that sparked my interest.   I start working on a crew performing maintenance and troubleshooting for a wireless carrier.  With everything I was doing in this capacity, I saw room for improvement. I saw and voiced my concern that One Way was missing out on the opportunity to capitalize on the maintenance end of the business.  At that time, upper management heard my concern, encouraged me to push further into how this new division would look for One Way and challenged me to see it through.  Today I am the Manager of the Maintenance division here at One Way. I thought big but started small.  Today we are involved in maintenance and inspections in nine states.  We are sought-after in this industry and recognized as the best in the nation by our customers.  We continue to improve, and we continue to strive for perfection. I would not change the decision I made back in 2010, although it was a tough decision at the time. I know One Way is better now than it was then.  We continue to strive for perfection in everything we do.  We are filled with integrity, brotherhood, and we change and adapt as we need.  You will not find another company that is as generous, that truly values you as a person and your work here as One Way Wireless Construction.

  • Adam

    Adam Navitskas

    Project Manager:
    Carrier Upgrades

    When I started working in the telecommunications industry it was a bright sunny June day in 1999 in Tecumseh, MI. I recall that I initially took the job because they were offering one dollar more an hour then what I was making as a full time cook at a rural restaurant. I was 20 years old and needed a change from the current job I had.  At that time, I didn’t jump into a job with thoughts of making a career out of it, and additionally, cell phones were still a rare sight and I knew nothing about them or towers. At One Way Wireless Construction (One Way), the freedoms and brotherhood were apparent on the first site I set foot on and even though we were at work, it was a lot of fun.  The scenery was always changing from site to site, as were the multitude of different jobs and tasks along the way. I recall after my first tower stack site, that I finally had the clarity and mindset that this actually could BE a career for me. I still drive past some of those towers and take pride that I was a part of building that tower which will be there for years to come. The industry has come a long way from then to now with a multitude of different career paths in telecommunications and beyond.  I’m happy to be a part of this industry.

  • Rodd Hustad

    Warehouse Manager

    I joined One Way back in December of 2012. Prior to joining, One Way Wireless Construction (One Way) completed many projects for me as I worked as a Project Manager for Nextel, T-Mobile, Clearwire and Telecom Transport Management.  I’ve known the owner, management group and several employees here at One Way for over 20 years.  Where does all the time go?When I joined back in 2012, One Way had a “family feel” to it.  Throughout the years, we have grown into an organization with as many as 80 employees, an amazing amount of construction equipment, support trucks and trailers, testing gear and most importantly, Grade-A, industry approved safety gear.  Through all the growth, the organization has never lost that “family feel”.  The ownership group, management and employees continue to care about me as an individual.Time moves on, the original management group has changed slightly, the demand for more management increases and new faces are welcomed to the office.  2019 saw no fewer than 5 foreman graduate from the field and join the management group in the office.  What a fantastic opportunity and how great to be promoted from within.  It gives me great satisfaction to see these young people accept the responsibility.I am nothing without the outstanding talent and knowledge that supports me every day in the field.  The Foremen, the Leads, the 2’s and 3’s, my Warehouse Manager and staff, as well as the Office Support staff.  None of my success or One Way’s would be possible without the TEAM!  And yet, the “family feel” remains.  And why is that? Because everyone here understands the importance of TEAM.In 2019 I was diagnosed with cancer.  At a monthly safety meeting every One Way employee circled around me, placed their hand on me and prayed for my recovery as my battle began.  I can only hope you can understand the power of that moment.  I’m still standing!  The TEAM is intact at One Way and the “family feel” will never go away.

  • Annette

    Annette Haupt

    Administrative Support & Accounts Receivable

    I am the Administrative Assistant here at One Way Wireless and have been fortunate to have been here since 2017.I handle quite a few things for the company including accounts receivable, helping keep track of our safety certifications, and creating various reports.  The great thing about my job at One Way is that there are so many moving parts to keep our crews and projects organized.  These types of things keep me very busy and that’s a good thing because I like to be busy!Being a part of One Way is not just being part of a team, it is like being part of a family, and that’s why I enjoy working here. As a family you celebrate each other and the same goes for One Way.  And with my love for cooking and baking, I’m always pleased to help in the celebrating by baking for this special group when the events or birthdays come up.

  • Sean-Krall

    Sean Krall

    Project Manager:

    When I started at One Way Wireless Construction (One Way) I was skeptical of getting back into the industry. I began working in the industry back in 2003 where it was thriving as it is now. I worked for several tower companies and I wasn’t sure if I was getting myself back into one of those “great tower companies” that have left me out of town with no money, no materials, or paid me with bounced checks. It wasn’t but a month and I realized this is not one of those companies! When I started at One Way I wasn’t just starting a new job, I was starting my new life. I was new to sobriety which is why I was nervous about getting back into tower work. It was Gary B. and Greg H. that found me working in a metal recycling factory, it was those two men that assured me that One Way is interested in focusing on my future instead of dwelling and concerning themselves of my past.  I wasn’t bringing much to the table at first. I came with baggage. I had no license, no car, and I was on parole and couldn’t travel out of the state. It wasn’t very long and I realized that they were investing in my future. One Way cared for me like a brother. They wanted me to succeed both at work and in life. They helped me get my license back, helped me meet all my parole needs and did it with a smile on their faces. When you hear of these types of people/companies, you can’t believe it’s real, but these guys ARE and they changed my life.  As I started to get back into the swing of things, I realized that so much has changed in the industry since I have been out.  However, a few things remained the same…the foreman and managers were always willing to help and answer questions. As I worked my way up from the bottom, it was great doing it with the support and help from people that you enjoy working with.  It feels good to teach the new guys the knowledge that has taken me years to figure out. Everyone at One Way makes it clear that they want you to grow as an individual and as a team player. Because at the end of the day that is what One Way is, a team, a family, and they make sure that you know that you are a valuable part of that team. This is what will keep me at One Way for many more years to come.

  • Trevor-Pollock


    Tower Technician

    In 2017 I came to One Way Building Services looking for a “job”. (One Way Building Services was the company name prior to One Way Wireless Construction). What I found was a company willing to look at me and not my past, I also found a career. They were able to see things in me I was not yet able to see in myself. I arrived on my first day of work with absolutely no knowledge of the industry and was quickly welcomed into the “One Way family”. One Way took the time and effort to train me to, not only do my job well, but to do it safely and efficiently.Now, things are a little bit different. The company has not only changed its name to One Way Wireless Construction, but I am now in a leadership role. I am welcoming and training those who are new to the industry. I am teaching them to think outside the box, to be safe and to perform their tasks to the highest standards One Way has set.

  • Max

    Max Allum

    Project Manager:
    Carrier Upgrades

    When I started back in 2011 for $13 an hour this was just another job. I used to bounce around job to job like any other 20-year-old. I did not really care about much when it came to my “job”; I just went through the motions to get a paycheck. After a short time at One Way Wireless Construction (One way), it really started to click for me.  The wireless industry really started to interest me. I then started to realize how many people at One Way started the same way I did and turned this into a career.   Once I became a Foreman, I remember our Vice President telling me I was a “natural leader” and people listened to me. Ever since then I really started looking at this as my career and not just a job. This industry is not going to slow down anytime soon, and I want to be along for the ride. This is one of the rare jobs that you can make 100k a year without a college degree. It is a career for people of all walks of life, like me. I have no doubt in my mind that this is my career and that I will be at One Way for a very long time.

  • Jostin

    Jostin Coleman

    Director of Safety

    I started the winter of 2012/2013 here at One Way Wireless Construction (One Way). After completing my weeklong climber/rescue class, I was sent out into the field. For sixty-three days in a row, the temperature did not rise above 0 degrees. It was a challenge to find the gear that would keep me warm. With a little advice from some of the senior guys, I was able to piece together some AFFORDABLE gear and stay moderately warm. (I can’t stress how important quality gear really is. It honestly took a few years of trial and error to get the combination just right and save up for some of the expensive gear.)When I started at One Way, I honestly pictured myself staying for a few months, maybe even just a year, and then finding something else. During the winter, like any construction job, it’s hard at times to get in 40 hours. However, One Way kept me busy and paid me on time, every time. I once was told about a time, early on in One Way’s career, where our owner and leader had taken out a second mortgage on his house just to cover payroll for the guys. There aren’t many people I’ve met in life that truly put others before themselves. The idea that I worked for a business that valued me as part of the family was new to me. I haven’t experienced that at any other position I’ve had in the past.When I started at One Way, I was brand new in the field and climbing up to heights I’ve never been at while building out macro sites for our main customer and wireless carrier. I liked working with the same crew consistently, getting to know each other and working closely together. I have always loved the outdoors - camping, hunting, snowboarding, hiking - anything outside and I am happy. However, I learned quickly that being outdoors and working outdoors can be different. You can’t control the weather and there are times that you don’t feel like you have control of much. But I had control of a few things - my attitude and my work ethic. I worked my way up to a lead within my crew. I was given more responsibility and with that more pay. Between the pay and the overtime, I was now finally making good money - I even was able to purchase a home It was some time around then that I started to think that One Way was a company that could give me an opportunity to earn the life I wanted. I felt valued, appreciated, and trusted. The management and owner knew me and cared about me.As I continued to learn and grow, I found myself in the role of Foreman which meant more pay and more responsibility. During this time, I not only managed the technical part of the job, but I was also taking the time to help those around me grow and learn. It was more and more apparent that I wasn’t just here to complete a job, I was here to teach, coach, mentor, delegate, build relationships, and of course, complete job sites. The quote, “Train an employee well enough to leave. Treat them well enough to stay,” has resonated very well with my new position. I continued to grow as a person and an employee.Around October of 2019, with a void in our Safety and Training Division, I was asked to help temporarily with training and enhance our safety protocols as we began our search for a Director of Safety and Training replacement. As I dove into the standards and regulations, I gained a better understanding of what we could change and improve here at One Way. We started to make changes in improving communication within our crews and management, increased quality training, and building better relationships with those we work with. With feeling strongly about this great company and where we collectively wanted to see it improve, I shortly thereafter I threw my name in the hat for the Director of Safety and Training position. I felt confident that I could help our guys create a better work environment.In December of 2019, I was offered the position of Director position and as if things couldn’t get any better, in January of 2020 my wife and I had our first child. With the start of my own family, I still consider One Way to be my work family and I look forward spending a very long time here!

  • Braeden Ericsson

    Tower Technician

    I came to One Way Wireless Construction fresh out of High school, I was looking for a fulfilling career during Covid and was having a hard time finding a job. Luckily, One Way knew a family friend of mine and reached out to me! After the training class I knew I wanted to do this for life! I enjoy the brotherhood and family OWWC offers. They see us as more then just employees and go to great lengths to help us achieve our goals! I couldn't be prouder and luckier to have found this career!

  • Victor Rogers

    Tower Technician

    Unsure of what to do with my future and seeking a career, I looked at communications since its similar to my National Guard MOS. After a few days I ended up at One Way, a veteran-owned company that has the similar values I hold. I truly love working here with a group of people that feel like family. I love watching us grow together.