Max Allum

Project Manager:

Carrier Upgrades

When I started back in 2011 for $13 an hour this was just another job. I used to bounce around job to job like any other 20-year-old. I did not really care about much when it came to my “job”; I just went through the motions to get a paycheck. After a short time at One Way Wireless Construction (One way), it really started to click for me.  The wireless industry really started to interest me. I then started to realize how many people at One Way started the same way I did and turned this into a career.   Once I became a Foreman, I remember our Vice President telling me I was a “natural leader” and people listened to me. Ever since then I really started looking at this as my career and not just a job. This industry is not going to slow down anytime soon, and I want to be along for the ride. This is one of the rare jobs that you can make 100k a year without a college degree. It is a career for people of all walks of life, like me. I have no doubt in my mind that this is my career and that I will be at One Way for a very long time.