Mike George

Director of Training & Development

When I started at One Way Wireless Construction (One Way) in their Civil Department, I was only viewing the job as temporary, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be my kind of job.  At first, there were bumps along the way, but overall there were quite a few things that I was pleasantly surprised by.  The guys I worked with were good guys; I was awarded more and more responsibilities as I proved myself and I also liked the sense of trust I received, shown by the way I was able to drive the company trucks and equipment.As I moved up the ranks in responsibility, now as a Tower Technician, I continuously pushed myself harder to prove to myself and others.  With this motivation I was soon climbing up the ranks within One Way’s Tower Technicians (Tower Tech) levels. I enjoyed the tower climbing that came with this job and staying fit because of it was a nice by-product.   It was during this short time with One Way where I received my very first review and raise.  I had never worked for a company that cared enough about my growth as a team member to keep tabs of my competency and reward me for it. It felt good. As I continued to move up the ranks within the Tower Tech skillset, it was here that I learned that I was in control of my own destiny.  Because I worked hard, was a respectful mentor to the newer Tower Techs, I was encouraged by our Director of Training to prove myself so that I could become a “Lead” within a crew.  With this new position under my belt, my wage increased which also meant my self-confidence and responsibilities increased as well. It was during this time that I had the self-realization of what KIND of co-worker I wanted to be – one that encourages and mentors those around me to be the best version of themselves, ultimately making the whole company at One Way look and work better.I soon graduated from a Lead to a Foreman and it was during this time that I saw great growth in myself.  At this point in my career, (not just a “job” anymore), I was able to become the type of Foreman and leader I wanted to be.  I had full responsibility for myself AND my crew – this was huge.  I not only had many different types of experiences and responsibilities; I was getting paid more and had complete accountability for myself and my crew.  At this point in my career with One Way, I was starting to feel like I could be successful in this industry.  My confidence was growing with every new responsibility that was given to me. I was experiencing a high-level of pride in my work, in my crew and the company as a whole.  I also now have a complete understanding of delegation and the willingness to pass on what I know to benefit the company.  I enjoy the personnel elements of my job as well, where I can help others through conversation and problem solving to help them through work-related and personal issues.  I’ve been through a lot since I have been here at One Way which I think in turn makes me a well-rounded, better team player.I definitely feel like this is just the START of my journey with One Way and I’m very excited about that!