Todd paeseka

Todd Paseka

Director of Operations

Prior to One Way I was ten years into an established, successful career.   I was tired of my work environment; I was tired of my greedy boss.  I evaluated my situation and what my options were in the industry I was in.  I was paid a decent wage, had decent benefits, I was comfortable.  My issue was my opportunity was limited for additional growth.  I was experiencing a trifecta that was a negative path for my career life. I was needing change.   After I was introduced to One Way Wireless Construction (One Way), I was intrigued with the possible change.  It was a very stressful, intimidating time in my life.  I had a young child, a new wife, a home and an established career.    With all this in mind, transitioning to One Way took me four months of weighing the options before I decided to make the change.  This was a huge life decision for me.  I was going to be taking a very substantial pay-cut.  I understood why One Way started everyone at the same starting pay level.  Almost everyone that comes through the door to One Way is a blank canvas.  Their knowledge of the job and what it entails is very limited.  There is an entirely new vocabulary of tools, structures, and materials that most people have never heard or seen.   One Way, however, is a company that is willing to give people a chance.  They give them the knowledge, equipment, and education they need to be successful.  From that point, it is up to you with how safely and quickly you can retain, perform and prove yourself.With the pay-cut I experienced by starting at One Way, I figured I could make close to the same income I was used to, simply by working more hours.  This was a great perk. I was told that overtime was plentiful, and it was - that is, of course, within safe guidelines.  There were days early on that I had no idea where I was going, what I was doing, or how to use the equipment I was being told to use.  (Back then, with the industry changing by the day, there were limited people who were experienced in the field.)  I was willing to accept the challenge and figure it out.  I had it in me that I did not want to fail. I wanted to learn and learn quickly.  That was my plan, this would be my career. I was recognized quickly at One Way. I quickly became someone that was recognized as being dependable.  Even if I did not know something, I was willing to figure it out.  I was very grateful that I was working for a company that let me do this.  One Way, to this day, does not hold anyone back.  Whatever your potential is, wherever your skill set, there is a use and an opportunity for you to use it at One Way and in the wireless industry.  Early in my employment at One Way, every once in a-while a two-man crew would go and repair faulty equipment on sites.  There was something about this that sparked my interest.   I start working on a crew performing maintenance and troubleshooting for a wireless carrier.  With everything I was doing in this capacity, I saw room for improvement. I saw and voiced my concern that One Way was missing out on the opportunity to capitalize on the maintenance end of the business.  At that time, upper management heard my concern, encouraged me to push further into how this new division would look for One Way and challenged me to see it through.  Today I am the Manager of the Maintenance division here at One Way. I thought big but started small.  Today we are involved in maintenance and inspections in nine states.  We are sought-after in this industry and recognized as the best in the nation by our customers.  We continue to improve, and we continue to strive for perfection. I would not change the decision I made back in 2010, although it was a tough decision at the time. I know One Way is better now than it was then.  We continue to strive for perfection in everything we do.  We are filled with integrity, brotherhood, and we change and adapt as we need.  You will not find another company that is as generous, that truly values you as a person and your work here as One Way Wireless Construction.