Tower Technician

In 2017 I came to One Way Building Services looking for a “job”. (One Way Building Services was the company name prior to One Way Wireless Construction). What I found was a company willing to look at me and not my past, I also found a career. They were able to see things in me I was not yet able to see in myself. I arrived on my first day of work with absolutely no knowledge of the industry and was quickly welcomed into the “One Way family”. One Way took the time and effort to train me to, not only do my job well, but to do it safely and efficiently.Now, things are a little bit different. The company has not only changed its name to One Way Wireless Construction, but I am now in a leadership role. I am welcoming and training those who are new to the industry. I am teaching them to think outside the box, to be safe and to perform their tasks to the highest standards One Way has set.