Tower Maintenance & Inspections

  • Structure integrity and tower safety
  • FAA compliance such as height, color code, and lighting obstructions
  • Twist and Plumb standards
  • Ball bearing tests – ensure no blockages inside tower legs
  • Tower mappings, appurtenance documentation
  • Tower maintenance: light bulbs, rust treatment, corroded hardware replacement, fall hazard maintenance
  • Overall structure assessment, ensure tower is safe to climb, work on, and be around
TIA in MT_ photo by Ousmane Sow of Dean B. _APP by JC_Nov2022


What condition is your structure in? That may literally be the million-dollar question. Don’t let your asset become a liability. Our Certified Inspectors can help you meet your maintenance commitment and requirements. Our Tech will put eyes on your structure and our team can provide all of your maintenance needs.


Running into site issues can be extremely frustrating especially when the cause is unknown. Our team of maintenance professionals remains on call 24/7 to help solve your problems. Our techs can respond to an emergency call within hours instead of days, which means you are up and operating at full capacity faster. Got a problem? Call us for a quick and quality solution.