Rodd Hustad

Warehouse Manager

I joined One Way back in December of 2012. Prior to joining, One Way Wireless Construction (One Way) completed many projects for me as I worked as a Project Manager for Nextel, T-Mobile, Clearwire and Telecom Transport Management.  I’ve known the owner, management group and several employees here at One Way for over 20 years.  Where does all the time go?When I joined back in 2012, One Way had a “family feel” to it.  Throughout the years, we have grown into an organization with as many as 80 employees, an amazing amount of construction equipment, support trucks and trailers, testing gear and most importantly, Grade-A, industry approved safety gear.  Through all the growth, the organization has never lost that “family feel”.  The ownership group, management and employees continue to care about me as an individual.Time moves on, the original management group has changed slightly, the demand for more management increases and new faces are welcomed to the office.  2019 saw no fewer than 5 foreman graduate from the field and join the management group in the office.  What a fantastic opportunity and how great to be promoted from within.  It gives me great satisfaction to see these young people accept the responsibility.I am nothing without the outstanding talent and knowledge that supports me every day in the field.  The Foremen, the Leads, the 2’s and 3’s, my Warehouse Manager and staff, as well as the Office Support staff.  None of my success or One Way’s would be possible without the TEAM!  And yet, the “family feel” remains.  And why is that? Because everyone here understands the importance of TEAM.In 2019 I was diagnosed with cancer.  At a monthly safety meeting every One Way employee circled around me, placed their hand on me and prayed for my recovery as my battle began.  I can only hope you can understand the power of that moment.  I’m still standing!  The TEAM is intact at One Way and the “family feel” will never go away.