Jostin Coleman

Director of Safety

I started the winter of 2012/2013 here at One Way Wireless Construction (One Way). After completing my weeklong climber/rescue class, I was sent out into the field. For sixty-three days in a row, the temperature did not rise above 0 degrees. It was a challenge to find the gear that would keep me warm. With a little advice from some of the senior guys, I was able to piece together some AFFORDABLE gear and stay moderately warm. (I can’t stress how important quality gear really is. It honestly took a few years of trial and error to get the combination just right and save up for some of the expensive gear.)When I started at One Way, I honestly pictured myself staying for a few months, maybe even just a year, and then finding something else. During the winter, like any construction job, it’s hard at times to get in 40 hours. However, One Way kept me busy and paid me on time, every time. I once was told about a time, early on in One Way’s career, where our owner and leader had taken out a second mortgage on his house just to cover payroll for the guys. There aren’t many people I’ve met in life that truly put others before themselves. The idea that I worked for a business that valued me as part of the family was new to me. I haven’t experienced that at any other position I’ve had in the past.When I started at One Way, I was brand new in the field and climbing up to heights I’ve never been at while building out macro sites for our main customer and wireless carrier. I liked working with the same crew consistently, getting to know each other and working closely together. I have always loved the outdoors - camping, hunting, snowboarding, hiking - anything outside and I am happy. However, I learned quickly that being outdoors and working outdoors can be different. You can’t control the weather and there are times that you don’t feel like you have control of much. But I had control of a few things - my attitude and my work ethic. I worked my way up to a lead within my crew. I was given more responsibility and with that more pay. Between the pay and the overtime, I was now finally making good money - I even was able to purchase a home It was some time around then that I started to think that One Way was a company that could give me an opportunity to earn the life I wanted. I felt valued, appreciated, and trusted. The management and owner knew me and cared about me.As I continued to learn and grow, I found myself in the role of Foreman which meant more pay and more responsibility. During this time, I not only managed the technical part of the job, but I was also taking the time to help those around me grow and learn. It was more and more apparent that I wasn’t just here to complete a job, I was here to teach, coach, mentor, delegate, build relationships, and of course, complete job sites. The quote, “Train an employee well enough to leave. Treat them well enough to stay,” has resonated very well with my new position. I continued to grow as a person and an employee.Around October of 2019, with a void in our Safety and Training Division, I was asked to help temporarily with training and enhance our safety protocols as we began our search for a Director of Safety and Training replacement. As I dove into the standards and regulations, I gained a better understanding of what we could change and improve here at One Way. We started to make changes in improving communication within our crews and management, increased quality training, and building better relationships with those we work with. With feeling strongly about this great company and where we collectively wanted to see it improve, I shortly thereafter I threw my name in the hat for the Director of Safety and Training position. I felt confident that I could help our guys create a better work environment.In December of 2019, I was offered the position of Director position and as if things couldn’t get any better, in January of 2020 my wife and I had our first child. With the start of my own family, I still consider One Way to be my work family and I look forward spending a very long time here!