Cody Mason

Construction Manager:

Tower Inspections

I came to One Way after some research on the industry and realized I could make over 100k a year with no college degree, this intrigued me.  I had full intensions to make some quick cash, pay a few things off, then to leave. I quickly realized that One Way Wireless Construction is different than any other company I’ve worked for. They truly care about you and your family, you are not just a number. Even the owner of the company knows a lot about your life and your personal and company goals. One Way is always trying to take care of us and treats us like family inside and outside of work. I enjoy the different states I get to see travel to, along with the new sites I get to visit for work. I also enjoy doing what most people wouldn’t even consider, and finding issues that could be dangerous and shining a light on those issues to make the towers safer for all my brother and sister tower techs out there.  I quickly grew in my position from knowing anything about towers, to climbing the ladder up to where I currently am in a short period of time - to running a portion of a division. I am very thankful for One Way and all that they do. If your interested in joining our team, please reach out to hr@owwc.com or call 952-460-9170.