Nathan Land

Training & Safety Manager

I originally went to school to become a lineman. I received a two-year technical degree from a line school and then went on the road for three years to build transmission power lines. My plan was to save money and return home to attend school for music. After I had earned the money, I moved to St. Paul and received a technical degree in audio engineering from Hennepin Tech. Towards the end of my time at Hennepin Tech and with my love for climbing, I began looking for a tower climbing position that would allow to stay somewhat local and have weekends off. I needed a job that left me time for my musical pursuits. You can imagine my surprise when I found a company that fit that criteria.  I started at One Way Wireless Construction (One Way) in the summer of 2020, and I’m having a blast!  One Way takes extremely good care of its employees.  The work is fun and my coworkers are great!  I love my job!