One Way Wireless Construction tower climbers and their shadows.

Ode to a Tower Climber

Ode to A Tower Climber

In the golden glow of morning light,
I climb the tower,
scaling height.
My shadow stretches, slim and tall,
A silent echo, marking all.

Step by step, it trails behind,
A faithful friend in sun defined.
Upon the rungs, I upward go,
My shadow climbs with
me below.

High above, where
breezes sing,
It mirrors me, a
ghostly wing.
Together, we both rise
and see
The world below, so wild and free.

From base to peak, through sky’s embrace,
My shadow and I, we find our place.
In heights where few dare to roam,
My shadow makes the climb feel home.

Come Climb with us. *
*Candidates must be lawfully authorized to work in the United States.

Published On: July 11, 2024