Second time Employee of the Month: John Nelson

Well….here’s a FIRST for One Way Wireless – we have a crew member who has not only been awarded ONE Employee of the Month award (in 2022) – but now returns for our MAY Employee of the month!Join us by congratulating and high-fiving JOHN NELSON! In the words of many that have been lucky to work beside him…”Man this guy is awesome for so many reasons. He gets it and gets it done – on time, the right way, and on the first try!”Way to go John. One Way is sooo very blessed to have you as part of our family. Thank you for your contributions in the office and on -site.Are you interested in joining John and the others on a career path with great promise and stability – not to mention being part of a fantastic company? Check us out at Be sure to click into our career tab and apply for one of our many opportunities.

Published On: June 6, 2023