Annette Haupt

Administrative Support & Accounts Receivable

I am the Administrative Assistant here at One Way Wireless and have been fortunate to have been here since 2017.I handle quite a few things for the company including accounts receivable, helping keep track of our safety certifications, and creating various reports.  The great thing about my job at One Way is that there are so many moving parts to keep our crews and projects organized.  These types of things keep me very busy and that’s a good thing because I like to be busy!Being a part of One Way is not just being part of a team, it is like being part of a family, and that’s why I enjoy working here. As a family you celebrate each other and the same goes for One Way.  And with my love for cooking and baking, I’m always pleased to help in the celebrating by baking for this special group when the events or birthdays come up.