Some of the Veterans working at One Way Wireless Construction

We Salute Our Veterans

At our Safety Meeting this past Monday, we gathered as we always do with our agenda to discuss current projects, celebrate our monthly employee of the month, AND go over regular housekeeping points. But this past Monday, we also had a very special call-out to a particular group of One Way family members – our Veterans.

Yes, we are proud of what we do, how we get the job done, and how we do it by supporting each other as a family. But there’s one more thing.
We are EXTREMELY proud to be a Veteran-owned and employer of veterans and stand behind them for all they do for our country. We are forever grateful for their service. This Saturday, we extend our thanks to ALL the servicemen and women.

* This post only represents a few of our prior service and active service employees and we are so thankful for each and every one of them. Furthermore, many of our active duty employees have found One Way Wireless Construction to be a good fit for the demanding job of being in the service. We’re here to help accommodate. Supporting them in their dual responsibilities is easy – what they sign up for is the challenge. God bless them all on this Veteran’s Day.


Published On: November 9, 2023