Employee of the Month: Chris Lestina

We are excited to announce our latest edition to our “Hall of Fame” wall of Employees of the Month….congratulations, Chris Lestina!

Chris walked through the doors of One Way delivering parts. He was looking for more opportunity to grow in his career. That is exactly what he has found! Every week Chris is sharpening his skillset, earning more and more respect from his peers.

Chris is loved and respected throughout the entire company, not only because of his growth in the organization but rather the content of his character.

We appreciate you Christian and we are grateful that you chose to grow with us!

Are you interested in joining Chris and the others on a career path with great promise and stability – not to mention being part of a fantastic company? Check us out at owwc.com. Be sure to click into our career tab and apply for one of our many opportunities. owwc.com/careers

Published On: August 8, 2023