Employee of the Month: Jacob Philipczyk

One Way Wireless Construction (OWWC) closes its 2022 Class of Employees of the Month with another exceptional crew member – Jacob Philipczyk. Below, Project Manager, Rodd Hustad who works closely with Jacob, speaks to his high-achieving coworker and award winner of our December 2022 Employee of the Month.  “We all know how difficult it is to find a diamond in the rough when we are interviewing potential new hires for employment at OWWC. Jacob Philipczyk is that rare diamond. He is quiet and unassuming but don’t let his demeanor fool you. He is very intelligent. He takes direction well and as importantly, absorbs and retains the knowledge that has been shared. Our very own, John Nelson has done an outstanding job showing Jacob the civil side of our business here at OWWC and has nothing but great comments about Jacob.””Jacob’s attendance is outstanding. He knows and understands Fieldclix time reporting, per diem requests, and time off requests. It doesn’t matter if it’s shoveling a difficult ditch line or doing more technical work, Jacob is up for the task and has a strong “get it done” mentality. Jacob is not intimidated by our civil machinery and is working on building his operating skills.  Jacob is a good driver on the road and takes care of the OWWC fleet, equipment, and tools. If I could clone Jacob, I would do it! I have a great deal of confidence in Jacob and look forward to his growth and progression within the OWWC organization.”There you have it – accolades all the way around.  Congratulations Jacob – well deserved.Interested in joining Jacob and the others on a career path that has great promise and stability – not to mention being part of a fantastic company?  Check us out at owwc.com Be sure to click into our career tab and apply for one of our many opportunities. owwc.com/careers

Published On: January 10, 2023