Employee of the Month: Taylor Lacina

We’re giving a shout out to the second-to-last member of the 2022 Employee of the Month class – with crew member, Taylor Lacina!Taylor puts a huge effort into getting his crew ready for anything they have ahead of them and it shows!He takes time to explain things to his crew. Sometimes when things are slow, he’ll gather everyone around and show them something new. He’s been known to give a great gin pole tailgate meeting and he even took the time to dive into the load charts. He made sure everyone understood the operation before sending his guys up to rig it. That’s dedication and thoroughness and we love to see it!Taylor is a pusher by nature but he listens to his crew. He has a ton of tower knowledge where we’ve seen him climb right up to share it on several occasions. He works hard alongside his crew and is a strong advocate for the people working for him. Taylor is very deserving of this employee of the month award. Congratulations Taylor! We are thankful to have you as part of our family!Interested in joining Taylor and the others on a career path that has great promise and stability – not to mention being part of a fantastic company? Check us out at owwc.com. Be sure to click into our career tab and apply for one of our many opportunities. owwc.com/careers..#towerwork #TowerClimber #towertechnician #towertechnician #employeeappreciation

Published On: December 6, 2022