Fellowship on Saturday Morning “What does it Mean to be Uncommon”

http://www.arisewiththeguys.com/On April 23, Saturday morning, a few OWWC employee got together to watch our local Grace Church “Arise with the Guys”.This is an annual event for men where professional and collegiate Christian athletes share their inspirational messages of faith. Speakers this year included Tony Dungy, Ben Roethlisberger, and Carter Coughlin.Tony’s talk, “What does it mean to be Uncommon” (found in the link provided), resonated with our crew and our company as we too charge ahead to be “uncommon” and to stand out from the crowd – not only in our industry but in how we operate as a family under our One Way roof.“We should never be afraid to take the tough road, to follow a higher calling or set a higher standard. In short, we should never be satisfied with being average, but should strive to be Uncommon.” – Tony Dungy*A special shout-out to our very own Mike George who pulled the event together. *

Published On: April 28, 2022