Field Support

When your project manager drives 10.5 hrs one way just to help raise spirits and get to know his guys a little bit better. Or as he called it… “going on a field trip”. This highly-regarded PM helped out on a few TIA items in Elwood, IN and the crew found this little gift that he left his guys on the camera.This great face of our PM shows support, encouragement and “I got your back”. It’s what we are ALL about at One Way. Encouragement and support doesn’t just come in words, it is physically shown time and time again. That’s what family does.Let us know if you want to join our crews – we can’t promise a surprise on your field cameras ALL of the time, but we CAN promise great support, training and a mentoring program that will help you grow in your career. CM_owwc

Published On: October 14, 2021