The Most Dangerous Job

Make no mistake about it, working at heights is not for everyone; however, that has more to do with the person versus any element of ‘danger’. The most dangerous job is ANY JOB when it is performed unsafely. At One Way Wireless Construction (One Way) we require 100% tie-off, a rule that we take VERY seriously as you are not only risking YOUR life, but you become a high risk liability to our whole company.  Therefore, termination from employment is eminent – no exceptions. Hundred percent tie-off means constant connection to the structure you’re on. Always a life saving connection – 100% of the time. There’s no gray area, no wiggle room and no acceptable reason to go against this requirement – we are just as flexible on this requirement as gravity itself. Our employees are tied off with high quality equipment, equipment which has been inspected each time before use and observed throughout the day by other trained employees. When you’re 100% tied off with newly inspected equipment, your potential descent in the event of a slip is either 9″ or 6′ – no more.As I stated above, heights are not for everyone.  When it comes to the people willing and able to scale tall tower structures, we need to provide them with the up-to-date OSHA and ANSI approved personal protective equipment (PPE) and training. We start our training classes with the basics to train people how to use and be comfortable in their equipment before introducing the element of heights. In our classes, we ensure our employees know how to properly perform a rescue and how to act if they’re the one being rescued. We cover a myriad of situations which could be encountered, both the typical and not so typical situations, in order to provide a solid foundation for them to build on throughout their career. Our safety instructor provides real world information – the good and the bad – of our industry in order to avoid misunderstandings on the tower or the ground around. We do this extensive training to give new employees a realistic idea of what this industry is all about, not to scare, rather to educate. Knowing in advance eliminates surprises later. As the HR Director, I enjoy talking with candidates about the Tower Technician positions here at One Way. I am so proud to be a part of One Way Wireless Construction. We offer those with an interest and ability the opportunity to see what wireless construction entails. Early in my career, when I was looking for a job the adage of “you need experience in order to work here” was a common theme.  In reality, previous experience is always nice, in this industry especially, we do not see many experienced Tower Technicians come through our doors. Why you ask?  If you are a reliable, responsible and safe Tower Technician, then most likely you are secure with your place of employment and your employer DEFINITELY knows how VALUABLE you are to them. Because of the difficulty in finding trained Tower Technicians, One Way trains those with no experience.  With this candidate background, we have a clean slate in which to train properly. The people who do best are the ones who understand the potential dangers of working at heights; however, they’re also the ones who adhere to the safety protocols put in place. It’s been said complacency kills and we believe that to be true. We do not ignore the risks our work involves, we’re aware of it.  Awareness causes each of our field employees to take the precautions necessary.It’s with this openness to train that One Way’s BEST employees walked through our doors years ago completely raw, simply interested in learning about this always growing industry.  We are proud to say we have a strong history in teaching and developing those who keep the world connected.In summary, danger is all around us, believe it or not.  We will always do everything we can to promote being safe. Few ever think of the multitude of dangers that are out there on our roadways; however, the perils on our roadways far outweigh the amount of dangers in the wireless construction industry. Believe it or not… when you’re sitting in a newly inspected full-body harness, 500′ above the ground, there are just a handful of dangers to be aware of versus the countless number of dangers on the ground.Tower technician work is not for everyone; however, for those who are willing and able to “go all in”, we are grateful and in awe of your work. Being a tower technician is not the most dangerous job…. it’s the most relied upon!One Way Wireless Construction – We Keep the World Connected! 

Published On: April 16, 2019