We Keep the World Connected

We’re all busy and a lot of time is spent texting, scrolling, swiping or typing – those little handheld devices are our social backbone. They’re a part of our life, our business and existence.Yet, wireless connectivity does not just happen. Being able to comment, like or share a thought, idea or photo may be ‘easy’ to do; however, who’s behind that convenience? Our employees are – that’s who. At One Way Wireless Construction, Inc. (Shakopee, MN) we keep the world connected because our in-house trained Tower Technicians are working throughout the Upper Midwest ensuring that every text, tweet or post is sent successfully.We are seeking to hire more unique individuals as this trade is NOT for everyone; however, for the right ones – there’s nothing better. This can be a career or simply a stepping stone to your next job. The training we provide will set you apart from everyone else and the views are incredible!Our company is over 40 years old and we pride ourselves on how we’ve taken several people who never so much as hammered a nail and turned them into Tower Technicians. Learn our trade as you earn, work year-round, travel with $125/Per Night and see the world from a whole different angle.More than likely you’re reading this on your phone and if not…you’re seeing it because of data transfer – each of these conveniences has been because of a Tower Technician’s efforts out on the tower.Make a difference in this world, make a statement – work in an industry that only involves moving up; One Way Wireless Construction – We Keep the World Connected!For more information on how you can become a part of this incredible movement write to us at hr@owwc.com.

Published On: February 21, 2019